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RATA Robot Assisted Test Automation New 2016 05 30: TUT Wiki is closing at the end of 2016. This project site in is therefore available in href="http://www.cs.tut ...
Publications and downloads This page contains public documents created in RATA project. During the project all these are considered drafts. Any feedback about the ...
Otero Open Test Robot Platform Authors: Antti Jääskeläinen (TUT), Matti Vuori (TUT), Kimmo Jokinen (OptoFidelity), Tommi Toropainen (Intel), Heikki Virtanen (TUT) ...
* RATA home * Why MBT and robot assisted automation * Publications and downloads Intra ** * * * * * * * * ...
RATA Web Preferences Access control Users or groups who are allowed to view, change and rename topics in the RATA web. Remember that an empty setting is a valid setting ...
Why Model Based Testing and robotics Model based testing is the most advanced form of test automation. Instead of static, manually designed test cases it uses models ...
* **: %INCLUDE{".GroupViewTemplate" section="rendergroup" groupname="RATAProjectGroup" twisty="on" twistyalign="left" ...
Statistics for RATA Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: ...
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