Group Practises and Tools

Here we collect links and information about the preferred group practises. These pages should help the team members and, in particular, new members to adopt the tools and practises we have found useful.

Table of contents:

Printing from self-maintained Linux box

You need to edit the following cupsd configuration files: /etc/cups/cupsd.conf and /etc/cups/


# Show shared printers on the local network.
Browsing On
BrowseLocalProtocols dnssd
BrowseAddress @LOCAL


# The following CUPS broadcasting/browsing-related lines were overtaken from
# /etc/cups/cupsd.conf. Not all are supported by cups-browsed and so could get
# ignored. Please check the comments and examples above and edit the lines if
# needed. Note that for getting available the remote printers from all hosts
# networks you have to remove all "BrowseAllow" lines.
BrowseOrder allow,deny
BrowseAllow all

Now, if you're lucky plain restarting the cupsd printing daemon will help (sudo service cups restart), but if not restart the whole system to changes take effect.

Writing articles and theses: Latex (no other options)

You have no other options - we use Latex. You may find the following documents useful:
  1. Wikibooks: Latex
  2. A (Not So) Short Introduction to LaTeX2E (download and read lshort.pdf)
  3. TUT MSc thesis template: tutmschthesistemplate.tar.gz (untar, enter the directory and say make, if not working install required packages)
Hints are collected also to the other Finnish Wiki page:

All code and documents (inc. articles) are in version control

You have no other options - we use Subversion (local repositories) and Mercurial/ Git via Bitbucket (shared and public projects). The current trend is towards Mercurial Bitbucket repos since it provides easy sharing, option to publish code and Wiki to help developers and users. Start carefully and avoid doing dummy things (if you are not sure what will happen, test it first on a test repository) - ask your colleagues live or #itlab channel in IRC (IRCNet).

Group Web Server -

To maximise our visibility we create and maintain Web pages for our group, projects and members - you are free and encouraged to highlight your work with images, videos and particularly links to super publications! This is important as the easier it is to find your work, the more likely it will be cited as well!
  • Our Web pages are in Lintula Subversion repo: read more
  • You need to be a member of the "vision" group to checkout the repo - contact Joni and he will add you
  • The pages are automatically updated after each commit using a special ("hack") Subversion post-commit hook (read about the post-commit hooks: a breaf intro)
  • The hook updates changed files and copies them to our Web server. In order to make copying automatic, you must enable password free ssh login from to
For more information, see the more detailed instructions.

Personal Homepage

There are two options:
  • Include them to the visionwww repo (see existing pages for exampes) OR
  • Put them under the Faculty's sytem: Lintula Personal Homepage
The one and only reason to select visionwww repo is that it allows running php scripts, for example, automatic update of publications.

Syncing Files with Dropbox

I like to keep certain files available everywhere, for example, my work machine Desktop since I know if that I throw something (e.g., a new article) I can read by my phone etc. This use to be very convenient with UbuntuOne?, but as it is gone now I need to rely on Dropbox.
$ sudo apt-get install nautilus-dropbox

Then launch the Dropbox application and log in or create a new account. To make sure that my Desktop (or any other folder) will be synced to Dropbox I do the following:
$ cd ~
$ ln -s /home/kamarain/Desktop Work_Desktop
$ mv Work_Desktop Dropbox/

First I tried creating the symbolic link directly to the Dropbox folder, but something weird happened and I run out of 2GB space (although my Desktop is much smaller). Creating & moving seems to work?

And that's it. Now I can access all stuff on my Desktop by any (Android?) Dropbox app, connect to Dropbox and go to Work_Desktop folder.

Annual Discussion with Your Supervisor

The university official practise is that you have annual discussion of your work, salary and performance in you work annually with your official supervisor. The following is a nutshell description what you should do (links available only for TUT accounts).

All related official documents are available in Tutka in Finnish and in English - this Wiki just tries to capture the main points of the messy collection of various instructions. Your evaluation is based on level and performance. You must write level description and performance description along with your opinion of the level and performance to the official electronic system:
  • Personec HR
    • Your name -> Personal information -> dropdown: VAATI for the level
    • Your name -> Personal information -> dropdown: HENKI for the performance
Instructions to evaluate your level are: Instructions to write level description (VAATI): template

Next you need to think of you performance (HENKI) and there is a short description of that: Performance - basically, level 5 is considered as the average normal work performance.

After you fill in the VAATI and HENKI fields, you will have a discussion with your supervisor who checks them and adds his/her comments and evaluation. Moreover, you should discuss on more general level of your work, work environment etc. Any topics you're happy/unhappy can be brought to the discussion.

-- JoniKaemaeraeinen - 14 May 2014
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