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Wille Visualisation System is a framework for building visualisation applications. The latest generation of the system is Wille2.

This site provides the Wille Developer Toolkit that was mainly developed as part of OPAALS Network of Excellence project during 2006-2010. Last major revision has taken place in May, 2010. The work continues in terms of applied subprojects.

Key features

  • Service invocation: local Wille services, HTTP GET/POST
  • Service execution by specification: name, type, URI and location based selection
  • Automatic recovery of some common service execution errors
  • Credential management for username+password and API keys
  • Effortless input/output management: JSON and ZIP support
  • Embedded web application framework for app development
  • Service/app deployment: built-in HTTP server for publishing services and apps


  • Runs on CPython and Jython
  • Python 2.5+ (Python 3 not supported)

For more information on Wille, proceed to Introduction.


Download(Latest version is 2.2.1, 2.3rc1, see ChangeLog for notes)


Wille is released under a very permissive, BSD-style license. For full license text, see License

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