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Capability Editor

Capability Editor is a Java-based software which allows user to add resources to the ontology and assign them resource specific capabilities and capability parameters. It is also used for adding new generic capabilities to the KB, as well as for creating associations between the simple and combined capabilities.

a) Adding new resources to the Knowledge Base

In the Capability Editor, the user can specify the name and type of the resource and describe its mechanical, control and energy related interfaces. The main task when describing the resources is to assign them capabilities. The user will select the pre-defined simple generic capabilities from the Capability Editor and define the resource specific parameters for the capability, making the capabilities unique for each resource. If a suitable generic capability is not pre-defined, a new capability has to be defined first and then assigned to the resource (see the phase b). Figure below shows the user interface of the Capability Editor for adding resources to the KB. In the ParameterAssignments? box, the resource specific instances of the generic capabilities are created and parameter values given.

b) Adding new generic capabilities to the Knowledge base

If suitable generic capabilities are not pre-defined in the KB, the user needs to first define those with the Capability Editor. Definition of the generic capabilities includes definition of the capability concept name and capability parameters. In case of the strong (functional) capabilities, also the link to the capability taxonomy will be created. Figure below shows the user interface for adding capabilities in the Capability editor.


The file below includes: 1) the full capability model in a graphical form showing the capabilities and their related associations; 2) Description of all the implemented capabilities and their parameters; 3) The capability taxonomy


Capability Editor, executable file:

You can open and view the ontology file (found from the Core Ontology page) with the Capability Editor.

Capability Editor Program source code:

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