Spectral library

Sigala spectral library consists of the plant spectrum measurements and spectrums related to the plant spectrum analysis.


Measurement of the coastal vegetation spectrums for the remote sensing analysis.

Used equipment

Spectrum measurements are taken with GER-1500 spectrometer, which measures wavelengths between 281 - 1094 nanometers.

Heigths are measured with a ruler at 1 dm resolution.

Growth density is measured with 1/4 square meter measurement "fork".

Plant diameter is measured with caliper.

Measurement method

Each measurement is tracked with a GPS location.

All locations are photographed during the measurement.

Multiple measurements are made per location and plants/locations have been measured multiple times during the growth season.

If possible statistics are collected from the plant growth. Collected statistics are: water depth, plant height, growth density, plant diameter (measured at knee height).

Spectrum measurements are made, if possible, directly above the plant to have similar characteristics that an aerial image would have in its spectrum. Spectrums are collected between 10:00 and 15:00 GMT+3 (summer time) while the sun is at its highest position. The measurements are taken by first measuring a reference reflectance and then the plant spectrum. All measurements are taken during a clear sky. In some measurements slight cloudiness can be present as most of the measurement are taken in the coastal zone where faint cloudiness can develop quickly above the land.


Spectral library is stored into database with a tool developed for this purpose. Data can be extracted from the database with another tool that allows selection of the spectrums and provides a browser that shows all measured information for the selected data.

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