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DENIS - Doctoral Education Network on Intelligent Systems


DENIS was established in 2014 by the union of the top Finnish universities of technology and their top units in the field of intelligent systems. The research areas of these units span all the major fields in intelligent system research and engineering, e.g., signal and audio processing, robotics, vision and image processing, control and measurement systems and instrumentation, virtual design etc. The aim of the network is to bring doctors educated in Finland to the cutting edge in this demanding topic and strengthen Finnish industry and innovation in design and development of the intelligent systems of the future demand.

Participating universities and units


  1. Department of Automation and Systems Technology (http://autsys.aalto.fi/) - Aalto-AS
  2. Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics (http://spa.aalto.fi/) - Aalto-SPA

  3. Department of Automation Science and Engineering (http://www.tut.fi/ase) - TUT-ASE

  4. Department of Intelligent Hydraulics and Automation (http://www.tut.fi/iha) - TUT-IHA

  5. Department of Signal Processing (http://sp.cs.tut.fi http://www.tut.fi/dsp ) - TUT-SGN

  6. Department of Pervasive Computing (http://www.tut.fi/en/about-tut/departments/pervasive-computing/) - TUT-PEC

  7. Department of Computer Science and Engineering (http://www.oulu.fi/cse/) - OY

  8. Department of Mathematics and Physics (http://www.lut.fi/web/en/school-of-technology/department-of-mathematics-and-physics) - LUT-MAFY

  9. Department of Mechanical Engineering (http://www.lut.fi/web/en/school-of-technology/lut-mechanical-engineering) - LUT-ME

Contact Information

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