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-- Users.MattiVuori - 08 Dec 2011

Developing of the uniform innovation course to the educational institution consortium in Demola environment

Basic information of the project

  • Official name: InnoPilotti educational institution co-ordination
  • Actors:
    • Tampere University of Technology (TUT) – Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering, departments: Software Systems, Signal Processing, Electrical Energy engineering, Computer Systems and Communications Engineering.)
    • University of Tampere (UTA) – School of Information Sciences.
    • Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) – training programmes: Business Information Systems, Media Programme, Information Technology.
  • Head responsible: TUT Faculty of Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering, Pirjo Kuhanen.
  • Financing: European Regional Development Fund, self-financing.
  • Start date: 1.10.2011, end date: 1.10.2012.
  • Target groups: Universities of Tampere: Technical University of Tampere, University of Tampere and Tampere Polytechnic;
    Demola of New Factory, companies.

Key persons

  • Responsible person: Pirjo Kuhanen (TUT)
  • Steering group:
    • Roope Raisamo (UTA), chairman
    • Toni Pippola (TAMK), vice-chairman
    • Pirjo Kuhanen (TUT)
    • Jukka P Saarinen (Nokia PLC)
    • Ville Kairamo (Hermia Oy)
    • Also, Mia Kangasniemi of Council of Tampere Region participates in the meetings of the steering group as a representative of the union
  • Project manager: Matti Vuori
  • Coordinators of educational institutions:
    • TUT: Matti Vuori
    • UTA: Timo Poranen
    • TAMK: Toni Pippola

Need for the project

  • There is already a number of study modules in now in the universities of the Tampere region, in which it is possible to carry out innovation projects in cooperation with the companies in the Demola environment (see www.demola.fi).
  • Need to harmonise the course offering.
  • Need to create clarity by forming less, but bigger study entities.
  • Need to develop cooperation between the educational institutions to improve coordination and to spread good practices.
  • Commitment and resources to the operation must be created.

Demola in a nutshell

  • System in which the companies order demos of the new ideas from the student groups in order to weigh their usefulness as products or services
  • Technical or even social ideas.
  • Every year two project rounds, in spring and autumn.
  • About 150 students participate per round.
  • International students strongly along.
  • Demola provides training workshops in product development and the product business.
  • Students usually enrol on courses in educational institutions, on which a teacher directs their learning and which may have additional teaching.
  • Web site www.demola.fi.
  • Demola operates within New Factory, an “innovation factory” http://uusitehdas.fi/


  • The objective is to develop and to pilot the operations model in the above mentioned units.
  • In these the readiness for the developing of the operations model has already been identified.
  • Acquired good practices will be spread also in other units of educational institutions after the project has ended.
  • Improved readiness of educational institutions.
  • Development of competence for responding to similar opportunities outside of the daily operations, which may manifest in the future.
  • Raising the profile of the Tampereen university consortium as a leading innovation centre in Finland and internationally. Supporting the image of Tampere business as an innovation intensive region nationally and internationally.

Expected results

  • A cooperation model between the researchers, staff, students and companies is created.
  • The model makes possible an effective implementation of large innovation study modules in the educational institutes:
  • A broad, harmonised innovation project study module
    • To students of the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering of TUT
    • To students of the Discipline of Information Studies of the UTA
    • To TAMK students of Communication, Information Technology, Data Processing and Media.
  • Creation of resources for the educational institutions for running the operations.
  • Increased number of the students in Demola projects.
  • Lure and easiness of the participation of Demola projects increase to the students and companies.

More information

More details are included in project slide set (PPT).

-- Users.MattiVuori - 13 Dec 2011

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